WU Club of Philadelphia: Van Gogh Exhibition Tour

February 11, 2012
8:30a presentation, 9:10a docent-led tours
Philadelphia Museum of Art, Benjamin Franklin Parkway at 26th Street, Philadelphia


Join us as we explore Van Gogh Up Close at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Our program will begin with continental breakfast and a presentation by Buzz Spector, dean of the College & Graduate School of Art and Jane Reuter Hitzeman and Herbert F. Hitzeman, Jr. Professor of Art. Following his presentation, "One Degree of Separation: Van Gogh and Washington University," we will enjoy a docent-led tour of the exhibit.

About "One Degree of Separation: Van Gogh and Washington University"

Washington University's Kemper Art Museum doesn't have any Van Goghs, to be sure, but we do have several work of Paul Gauguin (who often went out to the countryside with Vincent Van Gogh to paint alongside him), Emile Bernard (a friend and brief studio mate), Jules Breton (whose work Van Gogh admired), and Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot (who was painting in Auvers in 1890 at the same time as Van Gogh). Van Gogh never married and regarded his paintings as his children. As the art historian Simon Schama puts it, "[Van Gogh] did have children, of course, Expressionism, and many many heirs."