University City Sculpture Series

Installation view, "Domestic and Wild" by Aly Strubberg, Heman Park.

Projects by scultpure students on view April 1-September 30

Posted by Maggie Rotermund, University City Patch March 29, 2012

This story originally appeared in University City Patch on March 28, 2012.

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The 26th annual University City Sculpture Series, featuring works by Sam Fox School students, opens Sunday, April 1, with a reception from 2-3p at Centennial Commons, 7210 Olive Blvd.

Sculpture students competed for this opportunity by developing proposals and models, along with budgets, that were presented to the University City Municipal Arts & Letters Commission.

This year's lineup includes:

Domestic and Wild by Aly Strubberg. The installation proposes to help "show the viewer the dichotomy of wild nature and domestic nature," according to Strubberg, who will combine a series of wooden doors with the already existing flora seen in between the playground and the creek in Heman Park.

QR City by Melissa Gollance. The southern part of Rabe Park hosts this installation, which features a giant outdoor QR Code. QR Codes—the square bar codes containing data readable by smart phones and other electronic readers—have become an increasingly prevalent part of modern life. Although the general uses of these codes symbolize more our interaction with technology, Gollance hopes the interactive nature of her work will "encourage face-to-face social interaction."

Shadowplay by Matt Callahan. This piece explores "the influence that Washington University, as well as the larger city of St. Louis as a whole, has had in shaping University City," Callahan says. His video joins computer-generated animation with scenes shot from inside Delmar-Harvard Elementary School. It will be seen in the east-side shop windows of the Market in the Loop Plaza. To view Callahan's website for the installation, click here.

More additional information about the installations, visit the commission's website.

The City of University City, the Sam Fox School's College of Art, the Municipal Commission on Arts & Letters, the Regional Arts Commission, and the Marvin Levy Fund funded this project. Some past projects have become a permanent part of the city's landscape, including Rain Man, sited near the Post Office, and Rhythm Section, located outside the Centennial Commons.