Digital Fabrication Labs

  • Node A: Digital Fabrication Lab
  • Node B: Digital Fabrication Lab
  • Installation of work produced in Marcelo Spina's Fall 2009 graduate architecture studio, "Tessellated Manifolds."
    Installation of work produced in Marcelo Spina's Fall 2009 graduate architecture studio, "Tessellated Manifolds."

The Sam Fox School's digital fabrication labs, FAB LAB I and FAB LAB II (Digital Initiative Lab), support studio and course work assignments, as well as independent research projects conducted by students and faculty. They feature fully equipped facilities for building models and fabricating prototypes. Students work with a wide variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and paper products. Beyond the fabricating equipment and tools typically found in wood and metal shops, the School's equipment includes laser cutters, three-axis CNC mills, and a plastic 3-D printer.

FAB LAB I's equipment includes:
3 Universal Laser Cutters: 18" x 36"
2 Dimensions ABS 3D Printers: 8" x 8" x 8"
1 Roland MDX CNC Milling: 19" x 15" x 6"

FAB LAB II's equipment includes:
1 AXYZ, 3-axis CNC router 1HP spindle and 7 position tool changer, 96" x 60" x 12"
1 Elkom, preheating/thermoforming oven, 39" x 39" x 1"
1 VLT, Silicone Membrane Press, 96" x 48" x 15"

Recent digital fabrication studios have been taught by:
Sung Ho Kim
, associate professor and design principal of Axi: Ome LLC, St. Louis.
Joe MacDonald, visiting professor in Fall 2011, founding principal of URBAN A&O, New York.
Heather Roberge, visiting professor in Fall 2010, founding principal of murmur, Los Angeles. 
David Ruy, Ruth & Norman Moore Visiting Professor in Spring 2009, and Karel Klein, visiting assistant professor in Spring 2009, co-directors of Ruy Klein, New York. Spring 2009.
Marcelo Spina, visiting professor in Fall 2009 and founder/co-principal of PATTERNS, Los Angeles.
Robert Stuart-Smith, visiting professor in Spring 2012, design director and co-founder of Kokkugia.
Kenneth Tracy, visiting assistant professor, founding partner of yo_cy design, St. Louis.

Students with shop experience may apply to the coordinator for positions as shop monitors. For more information, contact Sung Ho Kim or Kenneth Tracy.