Paris Studio

For more than two decades, alumni, faculty, and students have had the opportunity to work in residence at the College & Graduate School of Art's Paris studio at the Cité Internationale des Arts. These residencies, which are a minimum of two months long, provide artists working in any medium a place to focus on the development of their work while broadening their international network and immersing themselves in French culture.

The application deadline for residencies at the Paris studio for the period beginning January 2019 and ending August 2020 has passed. Recipients will be notified in spring 2018; please check back for updates.

Residencies Awarded for May 2016-June 2018

Doug Powell, BFA88, May-June 2016
Ericka Beckman, BFA74, July-August 2016
Daniel Shieh, BFA16, September-October 2016 (winner, John T. Milliken Foreign Travel Award)
Adam Turl, MFA16, November-December 2016 (winner, Graduate Student Cité Residency Award)
Ron Leax, Halsey C. Ives Professor of Art, January-May 2017
Kristin Fleischmann, MFA11, July-August 2017
Edo Rosenblith, MFA17, September-October 2017 (winner, Graduate Student Cité Residency Award)
Bohao Zhang, BFA17, November-December 2017 (winner, John T. Milliken Foreign Travel Award)
Frankie Holt, BFA90, January-April 2018
Yvonne Osei, MFA16, May-June 2018 (winner, Graduate Student Cité Residency Award)
Read the full news release, which includes excerpts from the recipients' proposals>>

Residencies Awarded for May 2014-April 2016

Lindsey Stouffer, senior lecturer, May-June 2014
Jun Nakamura, BFA10, July-August 2014
Shayna Cohn, MFA14, September-October 2014 (winner, Graduate Student Cité Residency Award)
Michelle Nahmad, BFA14, November-December 2014 (alternate, John T. Milliken Foreign Travel Award; winner: Ambika Subramaniam)
Gary Tenenbaum, BFA65, January-April 2015
Lisa Bulawsky, associate professor, May-June 2015
Gina Grafos, MFA09/adjunct lecturer, July-August 2015
Dennis Doty, MFA07, January-April 2016

Residencies Awarded for May 2012-April 2014

Aaron Bos-Wahl, MFA10, May-June 2012
CamRah (Cameron Fuller, MFA07, and Sarah Paulsen, MFA07), July-August 2012
Mark Salinas, BFA95, January-February 2013
Nancy Newman-Rice, BFA72/MFA74, March-April 2013
Michael Byron, professor, May-June 2013
Douglas Dowd, professor, July-August 2013
Horatio Hung-Yan Law, MFA93, January-April 2014

About the Cité Internationale des Arts

Since its opening in 1965, the Cité Internationale des Arts has accommodated more than 18,000 artists from all over the world. The foundation has partnerships with a vast network of associates, and its founders include a large number of states, schools, institutes, universities, and ministries from close to 50 countries.

Residents may practice their artistic discipline and develop their creative techniques for the duration of their stay at the Cité Internationale des Arts. The residence also houses an exhibition area where artists can display their works and an auditorium where they can perform concerts.