Advanced Studio, Spring 2011: Tracy

Photo by Stan Strembicki.

Advanced Studio, Spring 2011
Aperiodic Primitive (Hut): Fabricating a Garden Pavilion in STL

Kenneth Tracy, Visiting Assistant Professor

Beginning with a pre-scripted, aperiodic geometric primitive, students in this digital fabrication studio design, fabricate, and install a pavilion for a community garden in St. Louis’ Tower Grove neighborhood. Using the garden’s proposed program, site, and cultural context, students manipulate the geometric primitive, then refine and prototype the design, culminating in its realization through both prefabrication and site work.

The studio is a collaboration between Washington University; Marc Fornes, principal of the New York firm THEVERYMANY; and Sarah Gibson, partner in both Urban Improvement Construction and Central Design Office (UIC+CDO). The site for the pavilion is a new liminal garden that is part of a larger redevelopment effort led by UIC+CDO in the neighborhood west of the Missouri Botanical Garden. Gibson and the area’s community board are the clients for the project, with Gibson also providing construction and architectural support to students.

As part of the studio, THEVERYMANY is designing and modifying a Rhino-scripted, geometric primitive specifically for the project, constraining the topology, tectonic strategy, and scale of the pavilion. This allows students to concentrate on the overall spatial strategy, detailing, and realization of the project. Fornes also is assisting students in the creation of individual part files for fabrication.