Submit a Portfolio

Sam Fox School faculty and alumni interested in including their portfolios on our website must submit the following materials to Katherine Koss Welsch at

  1. A Word document with a short biography; ideal word count is 200.
  2. Images: Please send a minimum of 1, a maximum of 24. Images must be a minimum of 300 pixels in height/width and saved as jpeg files. Name images with your last name, first initial, and the number in which the image should appear in the sequence (Example: SmithJ_1.jpg, SmithJ_2.jpg, etc.).
  3. A Word document with captions for each image; ideal word count is 35. The captions should be organized to correspond with the sequence of images submitted.
  4. (Optional) An artist/architect statement; ideal word count is 200. Consider mentioning your art/design philosophy, preferred media, inspirations, aspirations, etc.
  5. (Optional) A pdf version of your CV/resume.
  6. (Optional) Related links you would like to include on your portfolio page; these may include your personal website or blog. You could include these links in the same document as the captions.