Center for Health Research & Design

The Center for Health Research & Design is a multidisciplinary research center aimed at improving the physical and virtual environments for health and delivery of care. As part of the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis, the CHRD leverages its position within a top-tier research university to address challenges posed by changing health care delivery and wellness requirements. Research in architecture, urban design, communication design, and art is integrated with collaborations with academic partners, delivery providers, design practitioners, and professional organizations in relevant fields across the University and the Greater St Louis region.


To use research methods to develop new design knowledge that improves the experience of health and delivery of care from the community to the hospital and back.


To be a transformative force in the experience of health and delivery of care.

More Information

Visit the following pages of our website for more information about the work of the CHRD:

Advisory Council Members: Representing the health care and design industries, as well as Washington University.

Projects: Highlights three initiatives currently under way.

Resources & Publications: Features publications by Sam Fox School experts in the field.

Contact: Connect with us to learn more about the CHRD.