Laboratory for Suburbia: Sprawl Session 2—Black Suburban Imaginaries

June 29, 2021
2-4p Central

Laboratory for Suburbia continues with the second in a series of online “Sprawl Sessions”—public exchanges considering strategies for site-specific art and tactical design in the complex spaces of 21st-century suburbia.

Starting with a postmortem on Campaign 2020’s “suburban strategies,” turning to the pivotal Black voter blocks that decided landmark elections in suburban St. Louis and Atlanta, and opening up to address the ways Black spatial imaginaries inhabit and transform suburbanized landscapes of power, Laboratory for Suburbia’s next online event will consider predominantly Black suburbias as sites—and sources—for critical art and design practice. Titled "Sprawl Session 2: Black Suburban Imaginaries," this event will feature architects Germane Barnes and Mira Henry; artists Davion Alston, Autumn Knight, and lauren woods; scholars Matthew Lassiter and Jodi Rios; and others to be announced. The event will be held online via Zoom; register here>>

About Laboratory for Suburbia

Supported by a Divided City grant, Laboratory for Suburbia is a paradigm-shifting art and design project addressing the political possibilities of American suburbs. The project is organized by Gavin Kroeber, who taught the project seminar at the Sam Fox School in spring 2020, with alum Maeve Elder (MArch16) serving as the curatorial assistant. Members of the project team include WashU associate professors Derek Hoeferlin (faculty lead on the grant and chair of landscape architecture and urban design, Sam Fox School), Patty Heyda (Sam Fox School), and Ila Sheren (Arts & Sciences), as well as James McAnally and Kalaija Mallery from The Luminary.

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