Andres L. Hernandez and Amanda Williams review student work as part of the fall 2016 studio they co-taught. Photo: James Byard.

PXSTL Lecture: Amanda Williams & Andres L. Hernandez

March 8, 2017
6p Reception, 6:30p Lecture
Steinberg Auditorium

Chicago-based artists Amanda Williams and Andres L. Hernandez, winners of the 2015-17 edition of PXSTL, will speak as part of the Sam Fox School Public Lecture Series.

As their first joint commission, Williams and Hernandez are creating a temporary space for community programs and events on the vacant lot across from the Pulitzer Arts Foundation. A Way, Away (Listen While I Say) will activate both the land and the building adjacent to it, which has been slated for demolition. In so doing, Williams and Hernandez will address the idea of building and "unbuilding" as both topic and methodology. Learn more about the project here>>

In addition, Williams and Hernandez taught a fall 2016 studio as visiting faculty in the Sam Fox School's Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design that focused on exploring and developing their concept for the project. Recently, it was announced they will be part of the interdisciplinary exhibition design team, led by Ralph Appelbaum Associates, for the museum that will be part of the Obama Presidential Center.

About Williams & Hernandez

For nearly two decades, Williams has focused on how combining art and architecture can promote thriving cities. A graduate of Cornell University's architecture school, the Chicago-based Williams creates projects that center on color, race, and space. Her Color(ed) Theory series shrouds the exterior of soon-to-be-demolished houses with vivid, culturally derived colors, marking the pervasiveness of undervalued Black city spaces. Williams has exhibited and lectured throughout the United States. She is an adjunct professor at Illinois Institute of Technology, where she recently received an award for excellence in teaching.

Hernandez works with youth and adults to interpret, critique, and re-imagine their physical, social, and cultural environments. A co-founder of Revival Arts Collective—a network of citizen activists committed to using arts and culture as a catalyst for community redevelopment in Chicago—he earned his Bachelor of Architecture from Cornell University and a master's degree in art education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where he is associate professor and chair of the Department of Art Education. Hernandez holds a concurrent faculty position in the Graduate Studies in Art & Design Education programs at Vermont College of Fine Arts.


In March 2013, the Pulitzer Arts Foundation and the Sam Fox School launched PXSTL, based on the belief that creative interventions have the power to serve as meaningful catalysts for urban transformation. PXSTL, an acronym that stands for the Pulitzer, Sam Fox School, and St. Louis, begins with a national competition to design and build a temporary, site-specific structure that functions as a venue for community-based and site-specific programming, while activating a vacant lot in the Grand Center neighborhood of St. Louis. Throughout the course of the project, the Pulitzer and the Sam Fox School are working to expand community engagement through the design of both the structure and the programs that it will house.