Photo by Vita Eruhimovitz.

Opening Reception: Olive Link Sculpture Park

September 26, 2015
7315 Olive Blvd.

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Join the City of University City, the University City Chamber of Commerce, and Washington University to celebrate the grand opening of the Olive Link Sculpture Park. In addition to enjoying food, drinks, and music, attendees will have an opportunity to meet the four MFA student artists—Garrett Clough, Vita Eruhimovitz, Madeline Marak, and Austin Wolf—who were commissioned to create pieces for the sculpture park as part of a master's course taught by professor Ron Fondaw. Although the students designed each of their sculptures separately, there are several common threads among the structures, such as recyclable material, innovative visual and design elements, and the intersection between nature and industry. These elements capture the essence of University City's progressive, adaptable spirit.