Fall 2016 CityStudioSTL Student Awards

(left) David Winningham leads an Art of Justice workshop; (right) Slice of a composite watercolor from MLA studio in Baden.

Posted by Liz Kramer February 7, 2017


David Winningham, MFA18, and a group of MLA students are the recipients of the Fall 2016 CityStudioSTL Student Awards, which will support their work in the St. Louis community.

Winningham will offer an extension of the Art of Justice workshops he started in fall 2016 at the Center for Social Empowerment in Ferguson. Through these hands-on activities, participants engage in discussions and performances that facilitate dialogue about identity, racial inequality, and social justice. Winningham leads participants in creating several small clay sculptures as they discuss these issues. In the Porcelain Privilege workshop, participants create porcelain flowers while participating in small-group conversations about the importance of recognizing one’s own privilege. In a second workshop, Intersecting Identity, participants make pinch pots while discussing and identifying their diverse personal characteristics and backgrounds. Some pieces created in the workshops go home with the participants as keepsakes, while others become part of a larger installation.

For the second funded proposal, a group of MLA students will continue their collaboration with the Baden neighborhood in North St. Louis. As part of a spring 2016 landscape architecture studio, the students considered possible futures for stormwater retention basins that will be constructed in the neighborhood. Building on these relationships, the students plan to collaborate with Our Lady of the Holy Cross Church to create a multipurpose outdoor community space. The project will include facilitating a community engagement session, developing conceptual designs, and identifying implementation possibilities for the community greenspace, working with local stakeholders to finalize a plan for the site. Participating students include Alisa Blatter, Jingcheng (Jason) Wu, Margot Shafran, and Shelbey Sill.

About CityStudioSTL

CityStudioSTL is an initiative inspired by Design for Excellence, the Sam Fox School's 10-year strategic plan. Offered in partnership with Washington University's Skandalaris Center for Interdisciplinary Innovation and Entrepreneurship, this program has supported a series of community engagement and outreach projects in the city of St. Louis over the past six years. More information is available here>> 

About CityStudioSTL Student Awards

CityStudioSTL Student Awards are open to full-time undergraduate or graduate students who propose to continue a community collaborative project from a curricular or cocurricular experience. Awards will support students who wish to either complete a project begun in a course, or expand the project's original scope; priority is given to initiatives that are already under way. More information is available here>>