In the News: December 2020

Catoptric Surface installed in Steinberg Hall. Photo courtesy of Chandler Ahrens.

Posted by Sam Fox School December 21, 2020


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Two articles written by associate professor Aggie Toppins, “Can We Teach Graphic Design History Without the Cult of Hero Worship?” and “Can We Teach Graphic Design History Without Chronology?” were named among AIGA Eye on Design’s “Top Stories of the Year.” Editor Meg Miller wrote, “Aggie’s gift is her ability to ground big, somewhat abstract ideas with concrete examples, and make a convincing argument while being so much fun to read.” Learn more>>

Washington University has been awarded a Level 2 accreditation by the ArbNet Arboretum Accreditation Program and the Morton Arboretum for achieving standards of professional practices deemed important for arboreta and botanic gardens. Learn more>>

The Saint Louis Art Museum has acquired Integration 4D (2018), a sculpture by Thomas Sleet (BFA88). Learn more>>

Washington University Dance Theatre: Aperture, a "Dance for Camera" film festival, premieres at 7p CST December 18, and streamed on-demand through January 3, 2021. The event includes dance films by professor Denise Ward-Brown and Joanna Dee Das, among others, and is presented by the Performing Arts Department in Arts & Sciences. Learn more>>

In this HEC video profile, professor D.B. Dowd discusses the concept and development of A is for Autocrat, his illustrated ABC book for adults with a political twist. Learn more>>

Carol Macht (BA73), FASLA, a founding partner of Hord Coplan Macht, will retire from the firm at the end of 2020, though she will continue to consult on some ongoing and select projects. Among her highly visible projects, Macht has developed landscape master plans and completed numerous design projects for Loyola University Maryland and Washington College. Learn more>>

The work of Kahlil Robert Irving (MFA17), professor Tim Portlock, and Rachel Youn (BFA17), was highlighted as a must-see in a St. Louis Public Radio interview with poet, art critic, and WashU alum Jessica Baran, the recipient of a 2020 Andy Warhol Foundation Arts Writers Grant. The artists' work is on view now at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis as part of the Great Rivers Biennial 2020. Learn more>>

In this week's installment of Arts & Sciences' vlog series "Books for 2020 and Beyond," assistant professor Heidi Kolk discusses the significance of Delores Hayden's The Power of Place. Learn more>>

Carmen Chee (MArch20) was interviewed about her design education and philosophy on Primaverarch, an organization dedicated to stimulating change for the recognition of women in the architectural profession. Chee is currently an architectural designer at Trivers. Learn more>>

Oculus, a large-scale light sculpture created by Florence and Frank Bush Professor of Art Patricia Olynyk in collaboration with Metron Designworks and Axi:Ome, was featured in the Ladue News. The work is on view now at the Bruno David Gallery. Learn more>>

Sense of Place, a group exhibition curated by Vita Eruhimovitz (MFA15) and Nicole Kutz (both of whom also have works in the show) is on view through December 30 at Wonzimer Gallery in Los Angeles. Learn more>>

Kahlil Robert Irving (MFA17) was named to Forbes' 30 Under 30: Art & Style 2021 list. His work has been exhibited widely and is currently on view at the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis as part of the Great Rivers Biennial 2020. Learn more>>

Catoptric Surface is the winner of a 2020 AN Best of Design Award for Architecture Lighting-Indoor. Installed in the front windows of Steinberg Hall, the research project is a collaboration led by associate professor Chandler Ahrens (Sam Fox School) and professor Roger Chamberlain (McKelvey School); it included student researchers Adam Barnstorff (MArch17/MCM17), Zinan Chi (BS20 in Architecture and in Computer Science), Joshua Gelbard, Scott Mitchell (MArch18/MEng18), and Lisette Torres, along with research engineer Abhishek Dwaraki. Learn more>>

Associate professor Aggie Toppins delivered a paper called "The T Word: Teaching Taste in Graphic Design” at the 2020 SECAC conference, hosted online this year by Virginia Commonwealth University. View a video of the presentation through the link. Learn more>>

WashU's Climate Change Program profiles associate professor Patty Heyda, whose work explores questions that link urban design to decision-making processes fueling growth amid unequal economic and political relations and interests. Learn more>>

St. Louis Magazine spotlights Mee Jey (MFA19) and her path as an artist. "Sam Fox [School] gave me the opportunity to create whatever I wanted, and I was just so ambitious,” she says. Her work is on display now through December 23 in three windows on Maryland Plaza as part of “A Walking Xmas Carol.” Learn more>>

Tautos Namai, a new national symphonic concert hall in Vilnius, Lithuania by Open Source Architecture (OSA), received a Chicago Athenaeum American Architecture Award for 2020. Associate professor Chandler Ahrens is co-founder of OSA; Chang Jiang (MArch20/MLA20) helped work on the project. Learn more>>

Cheeky: A Head-to-Toe Memoir, written and illustrated by Ariella Elovic (BFA13), will be released December 8 by Bloomsbury Publishing. The New Yorker recently published an excerpt from one of the book's chapters. Learn more>>

Saint Louis Story Stitchers Artists Collective is a finalist for the Lewis Prize for Music's $500,000 Accelerator Award for youth music programs. Awardees will be announced in January 2021. The Story Stitchers also received a grant earlier this year from the Divided City initiative. Learn more>>

Several Sam Fox School students are presenters at WashU's Fall Undergraduate Research Symposium: Marie Foss (BFA21 in communication design), Nisha Mani (BA23 in mathematics, second major in design—fashion concentration), Trevor McKee (BFA21 in communication design), Maggie Miller (BFA21 in fashion design), and Gavi Weitzman (BFA21 in studio art). The symposium takes place online December 1-3. Learn more>>

Rachel Youn (BFA17) is delivering a virtual talk about her exhibit Gather, part of the Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis' Great Rivers Biennial 2020, from 4-5p CST December 4 via Zoom. Learn more>>