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Image stills from Horizons.

MFA student Zlatko Cosic wins second place for film

Posted by Katherine Welsch February 25, 2010

First-year MFA student Zlatko Cosic was awarded second place in the Experimental category at the fifth annual Macon Film Festival, which took place February 18-22 in Macon, Georgia.

Cosic's film, Horizons, embraces the idea of a video puzzle, assembling the pieces of an image with the use of over 1,000 effects and multiple video layers. The six-minute film was inspired by footage Cosic captured while driving through New Mexico in December 2008, as well as the musical composition Horizons, by co-producer Rodney Waschka II.

"The challenge was to explore the possibilities of basic footage in order to make a complex video piece," noted Cosic on his website, "The visuals follow the rhythms and articulations of the music, typically changing every four to eight frames, creating a synchronization between the images and the sound."

The second-place award comes with a cash prize. In addition, Horizons has been accepted into two other festivals: the Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia, where it will be screened on March 13, and SoundImageSound VII at the University of Pacific (Stockton, CA), where it will be screened March 26.

Filmmaking has been a part of Cosic's life for the past 15 years. Born in Banja Luka, Yugoslavia (present-day Bosnia and Herzegovina), he began his art career in earnest in 1995, when he started creating experimental films as a member of Belgrade's Academic Film Center. Before coming to Washington University, he received an Associate of Arts in Broadcasting and a Certificate in Multimedia at St. Louis Community College, and a Bachelor of Arts in Video Production and Interactive Digital Media from Webster University.

Another short video by Cosic, Spaces, was named Best Local Short at the St. Louis International Film Festival in November 2009. Like Horizons, Spaces explores the integration of images and music.

"I get inspired by the visuals that surround me and I capture them," Cosic said. "Using different editing and animation techniques, I work with the images, play with colors, placement, and motion, change the visuals from the original stage into a new one. Often, natural sounds and music affect the look and feel of my final videos, resulting in a visual music piece."

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