Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant

Lavar Munroe, Falling on Deaf Ears, 48'' x 72''. Full credit below.

Alum Lavar Munroe awarded $25,000 grant

Posted by December 16, 2013

Lavar Munroe, MFA13, has been awarded a $25,000 Painters & Sculptors Grant for 2013 by the Joan Mitchell Foundation.

Established in 1993, the program acknowledges painters and sculptors who are creating work of exceptional quality through unrestricted career support. The Foundation awards grants to twenty-five artists annually through a nomination process. For a full list of recipients for 2013, click here.

Munroe's grant will support the development of an autobiographical body of work that will span three exhibitions in 2014: a two-man show with Japan-based Guggenheim Fellow Marlon Griffith at the National Art Gallery of the Bahamas; a solo show at BOX 13 ArtSpace in Houston; and a solo show at Segal Projects in Los Angeles.

Munroe notes that his current work "tells the tale of the Hero, who I see as the embodiment of myself. Borrowing from Joseph Campbell's Monomyth or The Hero's Journey, I am dissecting my Journey, beginning with the loss of my mother at age nine, which in a sense I view as an initiation of sorts. I draw a parallel to male initiation rituals, where the function is to reveal the deep meaning of existence in order to help the one being initiated assume responsibility of being a true man.

"Within this dialogue, I am interested in examining the notion of scarring, survival, and a learned resiliency," Munroe says. "In this regard, my intentions are to map my matriculation from boy to man, from ghetto to mainstream, and vice versa, as I am able to function coherently in all mentioned spheres.

"I am also interested in investigating spiritual communication tools to reconnect with my mother," he continues. "Borrowing from prehistoric practices sourced from animism, I plan to make my mother a Deity/Goddess, investigating means of communicating with her through sculptural objects comprising gifts, vessels, and offerings."

Image credit

Lavar Munroe, Falling on Deaf Ears, 48'' x 72''. Screen mesh, oil pastel, spray paint, house paint, acrylic, and shivs on cut, torn and stabbed canvas, 2013.