Hannah Ireland

Hannah Ireland, Untitled, 2009, monoprint and collage, 11 x 14".

Despite her passion for art, Hannah Ireland didn’t initially consider it a viable path of study in college. She thought she "enjoyed it too much," and her high school guidance counselor discouraged her from taking art classes so she could focus on her AP classes.

Drawn to Washington University because it "appealed to both my artistic interests and my need to feel challenged academically, which was something uncommon in my college search," Ireland discovered a vital support system within the Sam Fox School community.

"It has meant a lot to me to have a whole community encourage me and so many other students to do what we love, while at the same time pushing us to make the work they know we are capable of producing," explains Ireland, who is pursuing a double major in printmaking/drawing and art history.

"(In my printmaking seminar) we are encouraged to work in unexpected ways and combine processes to make 5-foot-by-8-foot prints," she continues. "These programs are often not possible at other universities — it makes me feel lucky to be at Washington University."

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