Jinhui Lyu, 402 Core Studio led by Eric Ellingsen.

MLA courses are aligned within three interactive realms of landscape inquiry and practice:




These modes of inquiry and practice are investigated through design studio, seminars, field visits, interdisciplinary interaction, and installation events.

The core courses establish the critical and creative frameworks of landscape architectural practice.

The elective sequence explores evolving issues in emerging zones of landscape architectural knowledge and endeavor. This sequence is designed to extend investigations initiated in the core courses into alternative models of researching and producing landscapes. It also provides specific locations of landscape architectural engagement for students in other programs. For instance, architecture students may augment their studies by taking electives especially designed to fulfill MArch program requirements for further instruction in urban issues, digital technologies, histories and theories of the built environment, and the dynamic ecologies of urban and rural terrains.


The MLA 3 program is a six-semester, three-year program that provides opportunities for study abroad and internships in the summer. It is a STEM-designated, accredited first professional graduate degree. This means that students who have no prior experience in design are eligible to enroll in the program and graduate with a degree that enables them to enter the profession of landscape architecture and become registered professionals.
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Students who have prior degrees in landscape architecture or architecture are eligible for the MLA 2 program. This is typically a four-semester, two-year track, and provides flexibility for students whose undergraduate studies have prepared them in different ways for graduate study in landscape architecture. Like our standard MLA 3 program, it is a STEM-designated, accredited first professional graduate degree.
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Applicants with a four-year bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree, or the equivalent, with a non-design major are eligible for admission to the MLA 3 program. Preference will be granted to individuals who have received an education balancing the arts, sciences, and humanities. Requirements include a college-level course in the natural sciences and at least one college-level course in the visual arts, such as drawing, sculpture, graphics, and/or basic design.

Applicants with an accredited degree in landscape architecture or architecture may be admitted to the MLA 2 program, an accelerated course of study. Applicants who have received a non-accredited degree in architecture or landscape architecture may also receive advanced placement, upon review of the admissions committee. Students demonstrating equivalencies in any of the required landscape architecture courses may substitute these requirements with courses in architecture or urban design upon approval by the director of the program and faculty in charge of specific curriculum areas.