MArch 2 Curriculum

This four-semester program is for strong architectural design students beginning their studies in either a fall or spring semester who hold baccalaureate degrees in architecture (a BS in Architecture, typically, or a professional degree from outside the United States). Students are considered for placement in the MArch 2 curriculum on the basis of design portfolio evaluation and the extent of their undergraduate architectural studies. Placement in this curriculum is highly selective. The MArch 2 program includes advanced design studios leading to more advanced elective work and the Degree Project. This 60-credit program leads to a professionally accredited Master of Architecture degree.

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Waiver Requirements

Admission to the MArch2 program is dependent upon waiver requirements. In order to be admitted to the MArch 2 program, students must be able to waive at least three of the courses listed below:

Building Systems (A46 445)
Structures I (A46 447A)
Stuctures II (A46 448A)
Architectural History I (A46 4280)
Architectural History II (A46 4284)
Environmental Systems I (A46 438)
Environmental Systems II (A46 439)

The waived courses will be replaced with general elective credits.

*If a student cannot meet the waiver requirements, the student will only be eligible for the MArch2+ program.

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